Appcomm apps – new for 2016

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Offline web apps deliver native app performance for a fraction of the cost.

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We can help you plan and visualise your App before you commit to programming.

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When apps are your choice, we can deliver Android and Apple (iOS) solutions.

Appcomm apps – delivering success

image of appcomm myapp home screenWe’re breaking new ground with a boost to our app offerings. New for 2016 is our marketing app offering, where for less than a pound a day, you can have a powerful marketing tool, available on Apple and Android, which allows you to provide push messaging, set geofence locations, run loyalty schemes and more.

The key to success of the marketing app is that it empowers businesses to engage better with existing and new customers, and the costs are controlled by offering a prescribed yet rich set of services.

For those who need something a little different, we have expanded our capability to deliver fully bespoke apps. This includes not only mobile apps, but also business process apps to run on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Keeping with the drive for cross-platform flexibility, our easy2 web apps are gaining increased features, and benefit from offline capability, home screen shortcut icons, and device recognition.

learn more about all three app solutions at our dedicated app site –


“To App, or Not To App? – that is the question”

image of web app and native mobile app icons on mobilesLet’s clear up one popular myth right at the start – you do NOT need an app for your website to work properly on mobiles.

If you do want an app, recent advances in HTML standards – the coding language behind the web – mean you now have the additional option of an Offline web app to consider alongside the traditional platform specific “native” app route we’re familiar with.

We can advise you on the most appropriate option.