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Native App Development

When you need to have full control of display and functionality, native apps built specifically for each platform will be your best option.

Native mobile apps – specific programs for Apple, Android, Windows etc.

image of apple, android, blackberry and windows mobile handsets

A Native App is the generic term for what we generally think of as a mobile app.

Native apps are programmed for the platform they are going to run on – eg Apple iOS, Android, Windows etc.

Native apps are particularly useful when you want to access features of the device itself, such as the camera or other sensors.

Planning for success

image of mobile app wireframingThere is no substitute for planning what your app is going to do BEFORE unleashing the programmers. It’s not like working with graphics, or even web pages – once the programmers start putting everything together, changes can be very costly and time-consuming to introduce. It’s better all round to be clear in your requirements.

We can help you plan, screen by screen if necessary, the precise specification for your app. You’ll be able to have a complete picture of what will be able to show on the screen, and we can even work with you to design the full User Interface, including graphics, buttons, input fields – the lot.

Wireframing – a case study – a one-minute overview of how it works in practice.

Wireframing – a case study – one minute to see how it works in practice.