A mainstay of our business for nearly a decade, we work with content providers and subject matter experts to deliver online training for their customers.

Clients have tended to come from the first aid training and mental health sectors, and already well over 30,000 individuals have received training and certificates via our platform.

However, easy2training is well-suited to all types of businesses and organisations, and particularly useful under the 2020 – 2021 pandemic restrictions.


Online Training Solutions – training courses that pay for themselves



easy2training is a simple, flexible online Training Management System (TMS) that allows for the creation, editing, management and delivery of training content to your employees or customers.

Already trusted and used by thousands, easy2training provides in-house or external training that looks good and works well on any device.

The cross-platform flexibility and 24/7 availability has paid dividends for our current clients. A sample of 2,500 trainees, over 4 different courses, shows that nearly 50% did their training outside normal hours, and over a third used either a mobile or a tablet instead of a computer.

For more information, visit our easy2training website here