ChargerPoints was established during the summer of 2019. The aim was to create nationwide network of venues where customers can go to boost their mobile phone battery.

The intention was to leverage our work with the Independent Hospitality sector built under the DinnerData umbrella. ChargerPoints would give venues a genuine and disruptive advantage to venues where visitors would select them for an additional benefit other than food & drink.

Venues would have window stickers and A boards to promote the service at their establishment. Customers would also use the ChargerPoints Web App on their mobile to find the nearest ChargerPoints location.


** NOTE: We have currently suspended our activity in this area due to the impact on the hospitality sector **

Elegant Products – Simple Solutions

To keep matters simple for venues and customers alike, we provide convenient high capacity power banks with a three connector cable, catering for all iPhones with a lightning connector and most modern Android phones with micro-USB or the more recent USB-C connectors.

Our research and feedback demonstrated that using air chargers often led to disappointment as it is not a solution compatible with most phones currently in the market.

Also are not currently capable of charging wirelessly. Moreover, in many instances owners didn’t know this so would try to use an air charger and be disappointed it didn’t work.

September 2019 saw the start of our pilot rollout, with good progress being made until the impact of lockdown in early 2020

For more information, visit our ChargerPoints business website here

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