Product comparison

Product Comparison

With a range of products and pricing options, you can have a site to suit your business:

Site Conversions New Sites
PRODUCT Free Tester  Fast-track (mobile) Bespoke (full) Page build WordPress
PRICING:  FREE From £500  From £700 From £700 From £700
Passes the Google mobile test YES YES YES YES YES
User-friendly custom design LIMITED* YES** YES** YES**
Multiplatform – mobile and tablet friendly YES YES YES
Email accounts YES YES
Hosting YES YES
Self-edit capability NO YES
Domain name (eg OPTION OPTION
Contact form OPTION OPTION
On-going support OPTION OPTION
Custom features and functionality*** OPTION OPTION


*    includes design ‘tweaks’ limited to layout and sizing
**  includes additional code eg mobile ‘click to call’ telephone number, show/hide menu
***eg e-commerce