HD Video production – from shoot to edit

Video is nothing new to the Big Media team, but our range of Sony HD cameras and new editing suite are…

…and YOU can benefit

There’s truth behind the adage “a picture paints a thousand words”, and going a step further, “a video enshrines a thousand pictures”.

It is amazing how much information you can impart in a minute or less using video – be it live film or animation – speeding up the process of imparting key information to your customers.

“Vimeo killed the Broadcasting star”

Online viewing is taking over from traditional broadcast, and at Big Media we have specialised in internet video production for a number of years.

We are able to offer full HD (High Definition) video production, from shoot to edit, and can add animation into the mix as well. Our live filming rig incorporates a 3 camera set-up, separate audio recorder and lights.

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