Hurdles versus the High Jump

It pays to know what you are letting yourself in for

The much anticipated “Mobilegeddon” seems to have passed by without the world stopping on its axis. True, Google’s algorithm change in April of this year is taking effect, and mobile-friendly websites are rising to the top on search result pages on mobiles. And this is a good thing, as it improves customer experience and makes the web work better for all of us.

But it has not, from all the evidence I can see, been the death knell of many businesses and websites that some have been predicting. All in all, for those of us who use the Internet, it is a change for the better.

Getting on board

Organisations and individuals are increasingly recognising not only what it means to have a site that is mobile-friendly, but also appreciating the benefit of delivering their website information to suit whatever device their audience chooses to use. This is a significant change from when we started out trying to promote the advantages of sites that look good and work well on mobiles back in 2011 – people often thought if you could see the website on a mobile that was enough. Now it is understood that you should be able to read it and navigate it as well.

“So what’s all this stuff about hurdles and high jump then?”
I hear you ask.

Well, the tortured analogy I’m trying to shoe-horn into my article here is that whilst on the face of it both activities are essentially about clearing an obstacle, they are fundamentally different events.

image of high jump as hurdles

Big Media customers who have Chameleon Software installed in their websites won’t be facing a major challenge when the next platform shake-up hits the world wide web. Whilst there’s always another hurdle to clear in managing your business, Big Media’s Chameleon reduces the height to a manageable level.

How do we do this? – Chameleon works as a layer over responsive design to add device recognition into your site. So when Google throw the next challenge at us, perhaps whether your site is SmartTV-friendly, with us you’re already most of the way there.

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