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SEO – the natural shape of things

If true SEO is about things being natural, why isn’t it enough to be natural?

Over the summer we embarked on a 3 month Search Engine Optimisation experiment to see if a certain approach could benefit page rankings.

Working on advice from a team with demonstrable results in certain cases, the approach involved writing a number of articles of generic interest on a given subject. Within them was included a link to 2 or 3 sites as examples of particular aspects covered, amongst which was one to our site. Continue reading

How to PASS the Google mobile-friendly test

Big Media’s gecko mobile adjuster can get you mobile-friendly in minutes – for FREE

Google have announced a change to the way they will display mobile search results, starting 21st April 2015, which is just round the corner now.

Essentially, mobile-friendly sites will start to rank higher in mobile search results than those which are not. And as 30% of all searches are done from mobile now, this is a significant change. فيلم سباق السيارات
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Milton Keynes – centre of the mobile-friendly web

Milton Keynes web developer Big Media leads the way in helping clients become mobile-friendly

As a Milton Keynes web development company, Big Media are not only pretty central geographically in the UK, but are also central in the emerging mobile-friendly web market.

Things have moved on regarding mobile web usage to the point where it is now essential to have a site that works properly on mobile, not just a “nice to have”

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Google rewards mobile-friendly sites

Are you ready for the “mobile switchover? tippmix eredmény

Google announced in February 2015 that it is making a major update to its search engine ranking algorithms on the 21st April.

Google are making another move in the drive to offer users a better web experience. Building on initiatives including the mobile-friendly label found on (most) mobiles when you search, the change on 21st April 2015 will see owners of mobile-friendly sites standing to benefit even further in mobile search result rankings than those without. tippmix szelvény nyertes
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