Google rewards mobile-friendly sites

Are you ready for the “mobile switchover? tippmix eredmény

Google announced in February 2015 that it is making a major update to its search engine ranking algorithms on the 21st April.

Google are making another move in the drive to offer users a better web experience. Building on initiatives including the mobile-friendly label found on (most) mobiles when you search, the change on 21st April 2015 will see owners of mobile-friendly sites standing to benefit even further in mobile search result rankings than those without. tippmix szelvény nyertes

image of strapline - is your website ready for the mobile switchover
As mobile-friendly specialists, we applaud the initiative to make the web a better experience for Smartphone users. bukméker képzés The issue we have is whether this will once again skew search results in favour of larger organisations, who have been able to address the issue already.

Fear not – good citizens of the world – we can help you make the transition to having a mobile-friendly experience in a shorter timescale, and at probably a far lower cost, than you might have thought. And for those of you who are interested, we can put our placeholder “starter for 10” into your site to get you on the road to being fully mobile optimised in under an hour.

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