Milton Keynes – centre of the mobile-friendly web

Milton Keynes web developer Big Media leads the way in helping clients become mobile-friendly

As a Milton Keynes web development company, Big Media are not only pretty central geographically in the UK, but are also central in the emerging mobile-friendly web market.

Things have moved on regarding mobile web usage to the point where it is now essential to have a site that works properly on mobile, not just a “nice to have”


This image shows the “mobile-friendly” label that Google returns alongside results displayed on mobiles. This is what Google will be building on. gaminator 777 bonus code 2021

From the 21st April 2015, sites that DON’T qualify as mobile-friendly will drop down the rankings in favour of those that are – this is what we mean by it being ESSENTIAL to have a mobile-friendly site. If your marketing spend is in any way related to driving people to your website, don’t waste it by not catering for mobile users.

You can see how your site performs on Google’s test platform here

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There aren’t THAT many mobile searches are there?

Well it depends on what you consider a big number, but roughly mobile searches, on Google, per day, are 1,000,000,000

Yep, a BILLION per day, as they account for 30% according to an article on the fastcompany website here. And this article on the Search Engine Land website confirms Google searches are over 1 Trillion a year.

Pretty big numbers in our view.

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