How to PASS the Google mobile-friendly test

Big Media’s gecko mobile adjuster can get you mobile-friendly in minutes – for FREE

Google have announced a change to the way they will display mobile search results, starting 21st April 2015, which is just round the corner now.

Essentially, mobile-friendly sites will start to rank higher in mobile search results than those which are not. And as 30% of all searches are done from mobile now, this is a significant change. فيلم سباق السيارات

How do I know if my site will be seen as “mobile-friendly” by Google?

You can see how your site performs on Google’s test platform here

This will tell you whether your site passes or fail, and if you fail, some of the things that need addressing. And that’s where we come in.

Given that you probably have a host of other things to be dealing with, you’ll be pleased to know that well over 90% of sites with our FREE one line script installed PASS the test.

Click the button below to get our FREE CODE to help you PASS THE GOOGLE MOBILE-FRIENDLY TEST click here – or read on further for more information and what the offer consists of:

image showing fail to pass on Google test result with gecko adjuster installed

NOTE: The aim of our free tool is simply to move your site from FAIL to PASS against the criteria Google analyse in their test. This is step one in making your site mobile-friendly, and will buy you time to look at further improving the user’s experience, without losing your place in mobile search rankings in the meantime. تحميل لعبة conquer We would of course be happy to discuss what would make your site properly mobile-friendly, with no obligation.

So what do I need to do NOW to pass the test? كريستيانو رونالدو الفرق الحالية

Click the button below to get our FREE CODE to help you PASS THE GOOGLE MOBILE-FRIENDLY TEST: click here

We also offer a free demo of how your site will look once our code’s installed, just check that box on the form.

What our FREE offer includes

You will be given a line of html code that calls a script to add our gecko mobile adjuster code to your site. This needs to be included in very much the same way as Google Analytics.

UPDATE: Read more about the changes in Google from the BBC here

The gecko mobile adjuster code has two elements:

  • a tag which ensures your site is viewed at the right scale for mobile screens and
  • a set of styles which adjust your site so it lays out more effectively on mobile screens (less than 500 pixels wide for those who are interested to know!)

Our free version of the gecko code (called ‘musketeer’) is a “one-for-all” generic solution – a “sticking plaster” which buys time for you to consider options. This is why your site is likely to benefit from further user experience adjustments to make it truly mobile-friendly for your users, rather than just technically mobile-friendly.

We will make this free version of the software available to you for a minimum of three months from the time you apply, and aim to discuss further options with you during this period, but there will no obligation on you to take any services from us.

In terms of going on to give your mobile users a truly mobile-friendly experience, we have a number of options which we can offer you:

  • You can choose the customised gecko code approach (‘knight’) a version of the code which is SPECIFICALLY tailored for your site, rather than a generic solution – from only £200 (NOTE this has changed from the previous published offer of £199, as Big Media has reviewed it’s pricing structure for 2016).
  • We also offer full chameleon site upgrades which can make your whole site fully mobile-friendly
  • Alternatively you may wish to have a new site which builds on responsive design by adding device recognition to your site.